LOUD AT LEAST! is the rock sensation from Austria!

Pure, bone crushing rock and metal that makes you stomp your feed and bang your head.

Founded as a recording project it became a true band and they released their first CD
“Painful Exploration” in 2009.

All around the world it acclaimed overwhelming reviews in radios, press and TV ( check the press- menu).

The band members are:

Vox – Gernot “Gernoo” Schilcher ( 2nd from left)

Bass – Gernot “Hardy” Reisner ( 2nd from right)

Git – Andreas “Andy” Döringer (right)

Git – Robert “Rob” Einwallner (left)

Drums – Jürgen Kulmer, Max Pointner

The band is constantly working on new material and a new CD will be released end 2011.